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At our school, we pride ourselves on teaching authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, one of the most effective and practical systems of martial arts. You will learn a variety of systems that include Hung Gar Kuen, Lau Gar and Shaolin Wing Chun. As well as empty hand and weapon systems, we will cover traditional two man fight sets, modern and traditional training aids.

We offer the highest quality of instruction in a safe, friendly and supportive environment, all our instructors are fully qualified, experienced and insured. We limit our class numbers so you benefit from the highest quality of personal instruction and supervision. Our training is structured and progressive to ensure you get the best out of your classes whether you are an absolute beginner or have trained previously. Our Kung Fu training is suitable for both men and women and is a great way of keeping fit and healthy.


Training at our school means you benefit from the highest quality of martial arts instruction, spacious purposed-built facilities and quality martial arts training equipment.  We provide a very friendly and supportive environment and welcome new students who are complete beginners as well as people with previous martial arts experience.  Our training sessions are varied, dynamic and energetic to ensure you not only learn great skills quickly but thoroughly enjoy your workouts too.  You will meet plenty of like-minded and hard-working fellow students and form long lasting friendships. We also arrange many social events that include martial arts visits and trips as well as group outings for meals and other social occasions. When you join our school, you become a member of a friendly and dynamic club that exists to develop its students to the highest standards and help produce the next generation of skilled and committed martial arts practitioners.

Traditional Hung Gar Kuen Kung Fu training at Mousavi Martial Arts Academy, Bristol.
Energetic martial arts fitness and cardiovascular workout classes at Mousavi Martial Arts Academy, Bristol.


Training at our school means you will rapidly boost your fitness level to new heights. The workouts are dynamic and functional which means you mainly use your own body weight  and use natural whole body exercises. Our method of training quickly develops your speed, strength, coordination and stamina.

We use focus pads and shields to develop effective striking power and offer highly varied and exciting workouts to our students. Our complete martial arts training gives you great balance, flexibility and core stability. After only a few weeks of training you will notice greater strength, better stamina and improved flexibility.

Our classes are fun, energetic and exciting. We use the best of traditional martial arts and modern training methods to help you achieve all your fitness goals.

Effective and easy-to-learn self defence classes at Mousavi Martial Arts Academy, Bristol.


Whether you are an absolute beginner or have previous experience, we will teach you highly effective and easy-to-learn self defence strategies and techniques that are targeted, quick to execute and work well in the street. Our system of martial arts does not depend on your size or strength but uses awareness, distraction, efficient movements, vital point strikes, follow ups and escape strategies.

Self defence training is an ongoing process that includes regular practice, scenario training, power striking, resistance and strength training. Above all, self defence is much more about developing the correct mindset than about any one particular technique. Training in our system of martial arts gives you a complete system of self defence with the skills to protect yourself in a real-life situation. It also keeps you fit, healthy and strong which is vital in protecting yourself.

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